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On the government website, there is a service provided which allows users to find contact details for their own workplace or personal pension schemes. Individuals can even use the service to track down someone else’s pension scheme so long as they have their permission. For workplace pensions, individuals will need the name of an employer or pension provider to use the service.

The company name will need to be quite specific. The results will bring up any company associated with the words the person has entered, meaning quite a few options could come up.

However, when the correct details have been found the user will be presented with an abundance of options.

The next page will provide details on all the pension schemes associated with that company.

The website will detail that before these schemes are contacted the user will need to have certain details ready. This includes obvious details like a full name and address but also other specifics like phone numbers and email addresses.

The tool explains that, understandably, the contact details for these archived schemes may not have been updated for some time.

This may make it harder to track down but they offer solutions. A form can be filled out to track down the details for these schemes.

The form asks for the users full name, email address, the name of the company they worked for, the type of company and job role. Once these details are entered the Pension Tracing Service will get to work. The user can expect a reply within 10 working days.

Personal Pensions

For Personal Pensions, the tool will initially ask for a pension provider or scheme name. To help with this, it advises looking through old paperwork or even bank statements. The Financial Services Register will also have details on providers within the UK.

Once the correct provider has been found, the tool will detail the company’s address so that the user can contact them directly.

Civil Service, NHS, Teacher or Armed forces pensions

This section of the tool will simply provide links for the various organisations involved. For the NHS, it links to NHS – England and Wales, NHS Scotland or Northern Ireland Health and Personal Social Services.

For teachers, it links to Teachers – England and Wales, Teachers – Scotland or Teachers – Northern Ireland. Civil Service is also split into England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland or overseas.

Finally, for armed forces there is just one link which covers the whole of the UK. Clicking on any of these links will bring the user to an external site which has all the contact details they’ll need for the pensions concerned.

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