Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! The BEST messages and quotes to write in a Valentine’s Day card

The tradition of Valentine’s Day is thought to hark back to a Roman priest in the third century AD, St Valentine, whose romantic spirit led him to arrange secret marriages amid the draconian rule of Emperor Claudius II. Nowadays, it’s an opportunity to shower loved ones with a bit of extra affection, usually in the form of confectionery, cards, and a date night.

While the day itself is now widely thought of as a marketing ploy, it has some heat-warning connotations.

Whether it’s the opportunity to reignite an old spark or simply spend a fun evening with friends, there’s no harm in a day dedicated to love.

Below, you’ll find some inspiration for what to write in your lover’s card – whether you want something funny or romantic.

And if you’re spending the day with your friends, there’s something in there for you too!

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