Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Election 2019 news: Brexiteers left fuming over harsh message for Jacob Rees-Mogg | UK | News

Appearing at the end of last week, the culprits are yet to be identified. A picture was taken which quickly made its way onto social media platforms, and has now been shared on a number of local community groups. Twitter was far from impressed with one user making very clear where their support remained.

They said: “Support Rees Mogg make Brexit happen, keep the keys to No 10 out of labour or liberal hands. Let’s take the UK forward for all.”

Another user said: “Desperate times.. probably the Lib Dems. Their tactics are embarrassing! With their fake polls, constant lies and rubbish through the door! Everyone vote mogg to stay!”

The incumbent MP for North East Somerset surfaced yesterday after some time out of the spotlight to show his Brexit support.

He appeared in a field in Stanton Drew at the site of the Stanton Drew Circles.

In the video says he wants to get Stanton Drew out of the common market and that we must “get Brexit done”.

He continued: “I’m here by the standing stones in Stanton Drew, thought to be 4,500 years old, some of the most important stones in this country.

“And I want to get the Common Market out of Stanton Drew.

“We must get Brexit done. Only the Conservatives can do that – a majority Conservative Government can get out of the European Union and make Brexit happen by January 31.”

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“Without including the Labour Party, it’s a non-starter and the Labour Party aren’t even in the discussions.”

The MP’s reappearance comes as the UK’s last European Commissioner, Sir Julian King, has said a second Brexit referendum would be divisive and unpredictable, warning: “Careful what you wish for”.

Senior diplomat Sir Julian is the last commissioner sent to Brussels by Downing Street, having served since 2016.

Prior to this, he had stints as British Ambassador to France and Ireland.

He told the Sunday Telegraph incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen would inherit a bitterly divided institution, with migration a key concern.

Pressed on the subject of Brexit, and specifically a so-called People’s Vote to confirm or reject Boris Johnson’s deal, Sir Julian said he did not support such a move.

He added: “If it happens then you just need to be a little bit careful what you wish for.

“Stopping or even reversing a divorce is not the same as starting the honeymoon again.”

Sir Julian also urged the next UK Government to be willing to meet Brussels halfway it came to trade negotiations, while insisting the European Commission “was not anti-UK”.

He said: “The incoming commission are going to have a challenge.”

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