Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Donald Trump proves ‘hilarious’ guest to Queen at Buckingham Palace with Melania

President Trump may be the joker of the party who has the royals giggling in the corners but it’s Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who Judi claims is the “charmer.”

“Trudeau is a consummate body language charmer, using mirroring signals to create empathy and rapport and adding in some attentive listening rituals to flatter at the same time,” explained Judi.

“With the Queen he performs a partial bow during their greeting ritual but, apparently unaware of the fingertips normally proffered by Her Majesty, he lightly clasps her hand in a ‘hand sandwich’ gesture, i.e. two-handed, with the spare hand on top during the shake. This tends to register a keenness to display close relationships but it is an unusual add-on to perform with the Queen.”

Ever the charmer, Trudeau’s extra long “hand-sandwich” shake doesn’t go unnoticed and the Queen looks openly “delighted” to have held his hand for longer.

Judi said: “[The Queen’s] pose suggests she’s delighted to have her hand held longer than usual and Trudeau more than makes up for the extra intimacy by cocking his head to one side in a gesture of polite humility and performing the most charming of smiles. This shake makes him look rather like a family member rather than a visiting world leader.

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